Saturday, October 23, 2010

More fall fun

Things are starting to get back to normal after we discovered last week that Elizabeth didn't gain any weight for a month. So far, it looks like my milk supply isn't sufficient (and isn't improving), so we're now supplementing with formula. Thankfully, our dear little girl is gaining weight well now and is quickly progressing forward with some of the movement milestones that she hadn't reached yet. It's such a relief to see her more active after an anxious week.

She's lifting up her head much more and even propping herself on her arms sometimes.

And she's started to grab at toys and really examine them.

Apparently we didn't get any good pictures of her smiling this past week, but she's been so sweet and smiley (and has much less fussy afternoons, now that her little stomach is full!) It's a joy to have our happy little baby back.

In other news, we've had lots of fall fun here the past couple of weeks.
We had a great visit with Mom and Mike and enjoyed a beautiful weekend with them. We went to the nature center's fall festival (and didn't take enough pictures). Not only did we go for a horse-drawn wagon ride through the forest, we also saw a blacksmith, an owl presentation, made rope and apple cider, and got to eat caramel apples.

Henry had lots of fun having Grandma and Grandpa to play with, especially when he got to play in the fall leaves with Grandpa.

And Elizabeth enjoyed lots of extra cuddles.

Henry loves making applesauce.

And we got crafty and made a fall leaves decoration for the dining room.

We also did a family hike that was supposed to be an easy mile and a half--but Greg's GPS informed us that we actually walked over three miles. Henry was quite a trooper.

And of course we've been doing some more "academic" things--but they're not nearly as fun to photograph! I did get a picture of one our school times just to give you the flavor of it. On this day, Henry's four workboxes contained a sheet on identifying similarities and differences, a workbook where he identified the beginning sound for some words, a speech game for practicing saying the letter "f", and colored rods to practice comparing lengths (although they eventually became a town of skyscrapers and trucks.)

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  1. So glad Elizabeth is improving and Henry and all enjoyed the cookies and all his fall activities.